Persons in charge: 
Frédéric COSTE


The Laser Resources Center is equipped with the material previously used by the LALP. The LALP has joined the new laboratory PIMM in 2010.

The laboratory is structured around three types of laser.

Continous Wave laser, with a maximum mean power of 10 kW are used for welding, cutting and surface treatment applications.

The 10 kW can be distributed on 6 workstations dedicated for specific applications (research, industrial studies). Here we have a picture of the laser cavity of the  10 kW TRUMPF TruDisk. Spot sizes of about 200 microns or higher can be obtained.  With this power density, welding, cutting or surface treatment of metallic part can be realized.

View of the 8kW TryDisk cavity

On workstation 1, a Cartesian gantry is dedicated to laser direct manufacturing.

This goal of this process is direct fabrication of 3D objects. Powder is melted at the focus of the laser beam. Parts are created layer by layer  and it can be done directly from CAO files.

This workstation is mainly used for instrumentation and understanding of this process. Industrial tools for industrial production of parts are also available.

The workstation 2 is mainly dedicated to welding studies, such as thin or zinc coated sheets, as for example for automotive applications

More fundamental studies  are achieved on Workstation 3, for typically Cutting, Hybrid Welding processes). Different diagnostics tools are used on this workstation for the comprehension of interaction as for example a high speed video camera, PHOTRON RS3000 (up to 100.000 frame/s)

High speed video of stainless steel welding

Instrumented Workstation used with long focal length

 Workstation 4 is an open Workstation where various experiments can be realized.

RX 170Stauble Robot

Workstation 5 and 6 are equipped with anthropomorphic robot (STAUBLI RX170 and KUKA KR 30)

A pulsed laser (ms range) with peak power up to 18 kW is used for drilling applications. A 4 axis gantry (Cartesian + Q) allows parts positioning.


View of HL201P laser and workstation

Inclined drilling with the pulsed laser for aeronautic application.

 A pulsed Laser, a few nanoseconds regime range is used for shot-peening applications and adhesion tests.

 LASAT Workstation is used for adhesion test.


The laser sources :





Yb:YAG laser, TruDisk 10002. HAAS Laser

10 kW.

Fibre optique utilisable de 0,2, 04 et 0,6 mm

Nd:YAG laser,Continuum

30W, Q-switch, 3 Joules,8 ns, 10 Hz.


Nd:YAG laser,   HL201P. HAAS Laser

200 W, diode pumped, pulsed laser.

Peak power: 18 kW

Nd:YAG laser, True Pulse

50 ns


Diodes. THALES.

30 W,

0.6 mm fibre

Diodes. DILAS.

150 W,

0.6 mm fibre

Fibre Laser,  IPG.

100 W.

(inclus dans une  machine de prototypage rapide).

MIG; pour le soudage hybride. (Air Liquide)

MIG pulsé ou courant lisse.


Robot Industriel (Staubli/KUKA).



3 x-y (z) stages



1 x-y–z stage,(precision 1 micron)




 The instrumentation



Camera Vidéo Rapide Photron ultima 1024.

 4000 fps 512x128pixels)..

Camera Vidéo Rapide Photron APX-RS 3000

 10000 fps (512x512pixels)..(up to 100.000 fps

Camera Vidéo Thermique




Camera DICAM, 

Obturateur rapide. (ns)

Analyseur de Faisceau Nd:YAG.

Faisceau continu ou impulsionnel