The direction introduction

The Process and Engineering in Mechanics and Materials laboratory (PIMM) brings together a wide range of specialists from the mechanics of materials and structures to the polymer chemistry and from forming and assembling processes, to advanced methods for numerical simulation. Research on laser processes and procedures forming polymers are based on an extensive set of experimental means.

In particular, we deal with the consequences of the processes on the service properties via the induced defects and microstructural modifications. The activities in structural dynamics, system and vibration control, beyond their own justification, can make significant contributions to understand and simulate processes. We can add that the laboratory has a well-established expertise in the field of aging of polymer structures in service conditions

PIMM director : Gilles REGNIER                                       Deputy director :  Frédéric VALES

            (33) 1 44 24 63 05                                                                      (33) 1 44 24 64 50