Taylan ORS

Research Keywords

X-ray diffraction methods (single crystal XRD, powder XRD, Laue microdiffraction), EBSD, crystallography, mechanical behaviour at microscale, quasicrystals



  • T. ORS, F. GOURAUD, R. GUINEBRETIERE, M. HUGER, V. MICHEL, O. CASTELNAU, Neutron diffraction measurements of residual stress distribution in large zirconia based refractory bricks produced by electro-fusion and casting, J. EUR. CERAM. SOC., 37 (2017) 2295-2302.
  • T. ORS, H. TAKAKURA, E. ABE, W. STEURER, The quasiperiodic average structure of highly disordered decagonal Zn-Mg-Dy and its temperature dependence, Acta Cryst. B, 70 (2014) 315-33.
  • T. ORS, W. STEURER, Synthesis of decagonal Zn-Mg-RE compound, Phil. Mag., 91 (2011) 2466-2473.
  • T. ORS, S. TAN, T. OZTURK, I.KARAKAYA, Synthesis of Fe-4.6 wt% B alloy via electro-deoxidation of mixed oxides, J Mat. Sci., 44 (2009) 3514-3519.
  • S. TAN, T. ORS, M.K. AYDINOL, T. OZTURK, I. KARAKAYA, Synthesis of FeTi from mixed oxide precursors, J All. Comp., 475 (2009) 368-372.